Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal Psychology concerns itself with the spiritual elements of human experience. It focuses on how the mind integrates such experiences and how that affects our behaviours.
In our modern, western, logical, materialistic, competative world spiritual values are generally waved aside and completely undervalued. In fact the very mention of such things often gets ridiculed. This leaves little leaway for such phenomena in our every day lives. Any suggestion of having had 'unusual' experiences is pathologised, with medication being the usual route of 'escape' or suppression. Whilst this is justified in serious mental health conditions, other factors may need to be considered before such conclusions are drawn.
A variety of cultures and traditions embrace spiritual values and experiences and thus have a very different, inclusive approach. There is much to learn from this as they expand upon the nature of the mind and our sense of being human.

A Transpersonal Psychology session will offer you the time and space to consider how your own spiritual, personal and transpersonal beliefs can enhance your sense of self and facilitate a greater sense of 'belonging' and self -worth.

A session normally lasts 1 hr and may include a variety of methods to access thoughts and belief systems e.g. creative writing, art therapy, guided meditation.

£60.00 per session.