Healing Benefits
Most therapists will list the conditions, illnesses and diseases that their therapy is likely to benefit. Legally we cannot claim to cure nor even that there will be a specific outcome from the treatment - and rightly so. After all even the medical profession is unable to guarantee the effects of its interventions. However, statements such as "this may help" or "this may alleviate" etc. are often used to qualify possible results. My view is that such listings advocate for a mechanistic approach, compartmentalising the body into structures which justifies 'fix it' thinking.
Science and the medical model also likes to delineate and has separated the mind, the physical body, the emotions and senses, not to mention the spiritual dimensions of an individual into unique, virtually autonomous sections. The mind itself is subdivided into the conscious, subconscious and unconscious with possible superconscious and supraconscious levels. How can one possibly determine outcomes with such a jigsaw piece approach?

 This is not the living reality. Our minds, emotions, physical wellbeing, spiritual and mental health are all inextricably linked. One 'part' cannot be affected without repercussions upon the others.
Healing operates on this holistic, all encompassing principle whilst understanding that our personal belief system plays a part in shaping our lives.

"As you believe, so it is" - our minds are powerful beyond belief. Our thoughts underpin how our world appears to us and our attitudes toward it. They also determine how our lives will be lived.

Our culture is based upon a belief in competition for limited resources. When we consider this as a basis for living our lives we are drawn into unnecessary conflict and debilitating restrictions. This also impinges upon our self worth, our values and eventually our health.

 Healing connects us to the unlimited energy system which is the basis of all life. Anything is possible in this realm. In part it is about freeing your beliefs and releasing out moded ways of being in order to contact new liberating possibilities.

Everyone experiences Healing in a different way. For some it provides instantaneous relief, for others there are incremental improvements over time. The effects however are felt on all levels of being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) often resulting in enhanced self-confidence and a new outlook on life which gives rise to new ways of coping and dealing with situations.