Healing - how does it work?
The basis for life is energy. When energy condenses it forms 'things' be that atoms or on a larger scale human beings. The material world, what we see and touch, is a dense form of energy. Dense energy has less scope to move about freely (compare air to a brick wall!) and therefore seems to be solid and to endure through time. Energy vibrates no matter what form it takes. The vibrations are too small for our eyes to see. Vibration causes sound but these sounds are too quiet for our ears to hear. It may therefore take a leap of faith to appreciate this - whilst we cannot 'see' or 'hear' it, we are a living, constant flow of energy, forming and reforming itself over and over again. A river sometimes gets silted up or comes across obstacles and has to change course. When this happens in our body the natural flow is disturbed and we we are not at ease with ourselves. If left unattended this can lead to further dis-ease manifesting as an illness. 

I consider myself to be an 'electrician' rather than a mechanic. I 'listen' to the energy flow and am able to effectively bring about positive changes. To me Healing is a shared journey. There is no judgement. A safe and 'sacred' space is created in which I believe all is made possible. My role is that of guide and facilitator. Your role is to make room for the changes you wish to occur by releasing old ideas and paradigms as and when you are ready to do so. 

I use a variety of techniques based on Spiritual Healing, reflexology points, and accupressure meridian points. These not only 'reveal' what needs to be rebalanced but allow the energy centres to clear and recalibrate. Sound, either with singing bowls or voice, is another powerful and more tangible way to bring about changes in vibration. I also dowse and may use your astrological chart for further guidance on any ongoing situations that may be influencing the situation.
If you have booked an appointment for a Healing session then you have made a commitment to yourself in recognition of the need for change, the time is right and you are ready to move forward in your life.