Feedback from Carers Support Runnymede
·         ‘Found this very relaxing. Almost like a Spa treatment. Most enjoyable and revitalising’.
·          ‘An excellent day!’
·         ‘Particularly liked the group participation’
·         ‘It (the workshop) gave a very different and positive way of relaxing’
·         ‘Very interesting and hopefully useful’
·         ‘Had no idea what it was but thoroughly enjoyed it’
·         ‘A memorable day’
·         ‘A wonderful experience which I will try to practice for 5 minutes daily’
·         ‘Most enjoyable’
   "Soundsations" event 

That was such a powerful experience for me that evening. It had been a long time since I had the confirmation and reconnection to that work. I am truly passionate and most alive when I get to experience toning with a group. It is very similar to drumming, the deep and spiritual circle. It changes things. And thanks so much for doing the work. 
   CG Yakima WA USA (Soundsations)

Thanks to everyone who made that workshop possible, it was such good medicine for my soul, haven't laughed and played that hard in a very long time.
   JW Ellensburg WA USA (A Sound Way to Heal)

Thank YOU , Sharon! What wonderful playful learning we all experienced at your workshop - a honor to have you here!
   Nan Doolittle The Flying Pig Ranch Ellensburg WA USA

"I was lucky enough to spend time with Sharon earlier this month in a workshop. I encourage all you dear ones in Ellensburg to find time to be with her. Her work is fabulous and very easily integrated into even very busy lives."
   Coleen R    Seattle WA USA

"Your talk was brilliant and inspired a lot of people.
We are so very grateful and would love you to speak again for us"

Thank you for such uplifting messages, we as a group are truly blessed knowing that we have the support of true friends makes this journey easier, especially when we/I feel so alone, abandoned knowing that I have the key to happiness
  TT Camberley

I've been feeling a lot better recently and sleeping well so I think I will hold off another session at the moment but will definitely come back if that changes. Thanks for all your help!
  LA Chobham

I want you to know that I appreciate the knowledge you share and you have been a great teacher to me and many others, I knew from the first time I saw you that you were a special soul :-)
  AA London

Thank you for running the Beginners Astrology class. I found it to be exactly what I needed. Each lesson was easy to understand and well prepared. I think it was great how any questions that came up you explained brilliantly and with complete clarity. The lessons were just the right length of time and the groups were just right too and this allowed us all to feel comfortable with questions or comments. ..even drifting into many other interesting subjects was refreshing and just right. I found the lessons linked up very well and the order was very logical and the depth of information covered was just right for got the balance of simplicity and complexity spot on. A two week gap between allowed me to consolidate my learning before the next lesson and again this was most helpful in taking in what I had learned.
   KB Bracknell (Astrology Groundworks)

I have so enjoyed the wonderful astrology workshops and I would highly recommend them for beginners and those with a little bit more than the basic knowledge. The workshops were informative and fun with lots of time to discuss and ask questions, you certainly go away feeling that you have a better understanding of what astrology really is. Fabulous value for real quality learning. Our workshop group has begged for more and are really looking forward to a continuation on the subject next year.
Thanks for an amazing experience and your own special brand of quirky humour.
   KO Bagshot (Astrology Groundworks)

Thanks to Sharon Galliford who gave a fascinating presentation on the importance of sound in our life and how to use it to our advantage.  Sharon also gave a short “sound meditation” demonstration which involved humming.  I used the technique last night when I was struggling to nod off and it really works. If you would like more information please call Sharon on 07592 151 805 or email [email protected]
   JM Bracknell Ladies Who Latte

Just wanted to quickly thank you for yesterday evening. I did learn a great deal and it was a very helpful evening.
  BL Camberley (Intuition Outreach)

As always your workshops are great quality and very interactive and enjoyable, this is exactly what you told me it would be and that it was very suitable for those who have very little knowledge on the subject and I award you a gold star for this.
   KM Camberley (Astrology Groundworks)

Wow - that is so spookily perceptive and I can indeed relate to all that you are saying. It is very comforting to realise that elements of my personality which often annoy (the rest of) me and cause anguish are not totally because I have a few screws loose! It would, however, be nice to think that one can work on these aspects and improve. Thank you so much for your words and insights ... they really do fascinate me. I am amazed!!
   BG London

By the way, I don't know if I ever said a proper thank you for all the visualisation work you did with me back in 6th Form (2005). It's really helped me wonders and I still use a lot of it now.
   HC Camberley

Thank you Sharon for your hospitality, and really inspiring evening.
   JH Camberley (New Moon Meditation)

I had a complete revelation after coming to see you. I now know I have nothing to apologise for... I can go forward with my life at last. Thank you so much.
   BM Ascot

You have played such an important part in my return to peace within and wholeness and I'm so grateful and blessed to have met you :). And it's been so much fun hanging out together, so the journey has been a real joy and pleasure too!  Thank you thank you thank you!
   LM London

Sharon, thank you for this simple and very helpful "Top Tip" on entering meditation. It seems so easy the way you describe it. I found just reading it and sitting quietly with it was a good meditation in itself.
   BJ Illinois

I've made peace with my experiences of ....., and so grateful to have done so. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you for your support on my journey this far.  You're a very special person.
   LM London

"I loved the way you included sound meditation exercises into the talk. It made it very special and I really experienced what you were talking about"
"So much information but what a calm and relaxed speaker. The atmosphere was perfect for absorbing what was being said."
  Participants at "Sounding Out of the Mind" talk

Thank you so much for your strength, your words and your wit! It is thanks to people like you Sharon that we are all able to keep ploughing through the hard parts.
   OD Bristol

Finding you was finding treasure! It's been an ever increasingly magical adventure since, without the distractions of an unsettled mind! Can't put into words how grateful I am to and for you.
   LM Camberley

Thank you for the gifts you gave us yesterday. You created such a strong feeling of trust and abundance in the room and it felt beautiful so thank you and Blessed Be.
   KB Wokingham (A Sound Way to Heal Workshop)

Hi Sharon. This is a little note and a big thank-you for the healing on Saturday! You are truly gifted. I really want everyone to know that you're brilliant!
   AI Sutton

Sharon, thank you for a great workshop today! Very informative and powerful! We learned great tools to help ourselves and others. Fabulous!
   Participant at Yateley 'A Sound Way to Heal' Workshop

Sharon, you’re a marvel, would recommend you to anyone!  Felt absolutely wonderful after your session and T
has also improved dramatically.  Thanks again.
   JG Aldershot

Wow! That's so much better already. The stiffness and pain have gone. How did you get to know you could take people's pain away just like that?
   SJ Sunningdale

I was extremely delighted that Sharon came to a recent LBA networking evening with her "The Value of Meditation in Business" talk. Despite initial scepticism everyone joined in and we were blown away by the power of the simple technique we were taught. The atmosphere of calmness was amazing. I have so much going on in my life at the moment I just can't relax but this was incredible! We all really enjoyed the evening and I have had several phone calls / emails thanking the LBA.
   Tim Salter chairman of the Lightwater Business Association

I am pleased to report that I have definitely had fewer headaches – whatever you did, it worked, so thank you.
   JH Camberley

I recently called upon Sharon to help with an issue which was manifesting itself as a viral infection. I spoke to Sharon on an intimate level about some reoccurring issues from the past that were causing me a great deal of stress. She used a variety of techniques including accupressure and healing which gave great relief. Sharon also dowsed for which vitamins and minerals would help me recoup my energy. Visiting Sharon made a huge difference and I feel both physically and mentally stronger and am now able to resolve the issues.
    GL Camberley

Sharon, thanks for your blog on self esteem. It prompted me to do some meditation and write a list of the things that negatively affect my self esteem, useful then to look at the list and see what the remedies are for these situations. Thanks for the awareness that has come from this.
    JL Sussex

Hi Sharon, how are you? I'm really pleased that I've tracked you down 10 years after you helped me. I had a treatment with you at the Fountain Centre following my cancer treatment, and the treatment and the chat we had made a very powerful impression on me. I went away and read about reflexology training, but it took another couple of years before I acted on it. Now I'm a reflexologist and I love what I do, and the places it's taken me. What a journey. So I wanted to say a very belated thank you for helping me along my way! I've never forgotten you - how could I, for the gift you gave me?
   SE Egham