Healing Sessions

Ongoing health issues which do not respond well to medical treatments are often greatly relieved by Healing, in particular chronic pain, fatigue and anxiety.
If you are tired of negative thoughts which pursue you, have a sense that the ground is constantly shifting from under your feet or desire peace and joy in your life and need to boost your self esteem then Healing can be extremely beneficial.

Healing realigns and balances your energy flow leaving you feeling revitalised.

A Healing session will normally last 1 hour.
At the session I will request a brief summary of how you feel and ask what your expectations are and what you hope will be achieved from the session. I will ask if you are happy with touch. Direct contact is not necessary as Healing transmission takes place regardless of distance. Touch does however enhance the treatment as accupressure or reflexology points can then also be used.

Any issues which you bring with you or which arise during the session will be appropriately considered and discussed either before, during or after the healing to ensure you leave with the means to engage fully with the outcomes of the treatment.

Absent Healing Sessions
If you are unable to travel, I am happy to conduct distance Healing.

​£60 per session