Sharon's Healing Journey

Following an out of body experience in 1993, Sharon felt she had 'returned' with a 'mission'. This is not an uncommon outcome and is described by many others who have had similar experiences. At the time however, Sharon had no idea what had really happened, nor what this 'mission' may be. However it suddenly became imperative to study what had previously been lifelong interests in T'ai Chi, Toaist philosophy, comparative religion and other alternative views of the world including quantum physics!
A sense of purpose and direction was greatly enhanced when a colleague's baby daughter was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. Little Georgie became Sharon's 'teacher' during her short life (1995-97) and has been an ever present inspiration since that time. Sharon went on to qualify in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage as well as Reflexology in 1998. Following 2 years training (1996-98), Sharon was accepted as a fully qualified and accredited Healer by The World Federation of Healing, later becoming a tutor. Since the WFH was dissolved and subsummed within other organisations Sharon has worked independently.
On the anniversary of Georgie's departure from this world Sharon was invited to join the team of complementary therapists at the newly opening Fountain Centre at St. Luke's Cancer Centre, Guildford, Surrey. She also subsequently offered therapies and Healing at Positive Action, an HIV support centre in Aldershot, Hampshire and has also been a volunteer therapist at Woking Hospice.
The following years saw Sharon expanding the application of her skills and knowledge through the provision of training and experiential workshops for a number of charities and support groups. Upon completion of Chris James's Sound Healing Course (2001-03) Sharon has offered fun sesssions in schools and to adults with learning and behavioural difficulties. She also developed a more focused but still fun approach to the application of sound in experiential workshops for adults and uses sound techniques in her Healing practice.
Sharon has worked as a Carers Support Worker and as an Advocate supporting adults with mental health, physical and complex needs. This experience has further enhanced her knowledge of social, medical and mental health systems, the Human Rights agenda and welfare issues in general. Sharon is Chair of the Service User and Carer Advisory Group in the Clinical Psychology department at Surrey university.
She produced and presented "The View From Here" a 3 hour Sunday morning chat programme for Radio Woking for over 2 years. 
Sharon completed an MSc in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology in 2012. Transpersonal Psychology as described by the British Psychological Society "embraces the psychology of spirituality and those human aspirations which are concerned with higher meanings in life [honouring] the existence of spiritual experiences, and studies the meaning and effects on our lives".
Sharon's quest to understand, communicate and enhance the relationship we all have with our own inner 'knowing' continues. Through her Healing sessions, workshops and talks Sharon inspires others to find the peace in the eye of the storm.